Unico ed esclusivo

A tailored suit is like a business card that reflects your personality and character without the need for words. We create unique pieces, made just for you, with precision and attention to the highest level of detail.

Exclusive like you

Exclusive like you, and for you. You'll be able to customize every detail, from the fabric to the linings, from the style to the buttons. Our Ambassadors will be by your side to guide you on this exclusive journey.

Unique and personalized

At the first appointment, our Ambassador will present you with a selection of fabrics tailored to your needs. Our Master Tailor takes measurements and creates a unique and personalized pattern, which is then digitized in our CAD system for printing at any time. Only the finest Italian fabrics are part of our signature selection by Mario Muscariello.

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Patience pays off

It's worth waiting six weeks for a custom-made suit because each step of the process is executed with the utmost care and attention to detail to ensure a unique garment perfectly tailored to you. During this time, our expert artisans work with precision and dedication to create a piece that impeccably reflects your needs and style. Additionally, the anticipation and satisfaction of the wait add an element of excitement, knowing that the end result will be a superior quality suit that makes you feel confident and extraordinary every time you wear it.