The perfect fusion of history and innovation

Neapolitan tailoring

In line with our family tradition, the Mario Muscariello jacket strictly adheres to the principles of Neapolitan tailoring. The shirt sleeve, commonly known as the 'shirt sleeve with a little fold,' combined with an infinite variety of handmade details, makes it an iconic product worldwide.

Perfection without canvas

Conceived as an ode to beauty during the hot summer seasons, this jacket has been praised by the Asian press and lauded by the fashion magazine Leon. The magazine even took the trouble to compare its weight with other similar garments, declaring it the lightest, on par with that of Hermes. Its realization requires a perfect combination of craftsmanship and knowledge of fabrics to achieve the comfort of a sweater while preserving its essence as a tailored jacket.

Relaxed appearance

"Padded Jacket" - soft shoulder and sleeveless, wide lapels, half lining, and hand-embroidered buttonholes with silk yarn are some of the distinctive features of a Mario Muscariello tailored jacket. The feeling when wearing it is one of comfort, and the appearance to the eyes of those who observe it is one of spontaneous elegance, as the fabric drapes over the body's contours, following and enhancing them.

Full canvassed

This technique has allowed the jacket to maintain its shape over time, ensuring a more tailored and refined appearance. Lined jackets have become particularly popular in the custom tailoring industry, where skilled craftsmen hand-sew layers of canvas inside the jacket, creating a sturdy and supportive structure.