A reflection of your personality

Racontons l'histoire

A suit often represents a uniform, but not in Italian culture, and even less so in Neapolitan culture. The creation of a bespoke suit tells the story of those who worked on it. It reflects the character of the tailor who sewed it and the designer who cared for its cut and details, but it also tells the story of Neapolitan tailoring, which distinguishes itself from English tailoring by blending everything into a soft and elegant garment at the same time. Relaxed yet impeccable, formal yet distinguishable among many. This is what we strive to achieve every day in our tailoring.

En poursuivant le confort

One of the main requests we receive from our exclusive clients is to be able to wear a comfortable suit even when they are seated in a car during a journey. They desire trousers that allow good freedom of movement and a jacket that doesn't necessarily need to be removed before getting into the car. Fabrics with a small percentage of "roica" and "elastane" are very useful, but what assures us of best meeting customer expectations is the combination of a perfect cut that follows the body's movements and hand craftsmanship. The latter, often considered merely an aesthetic whim, actually provides elasticity and durability to the seams, something that cannot be achieved even with the best industrial technology. This makes us understand that the perfection and neatness of industrial seams do not necessarily translate into greater comfort and better fit, but exactly the opposite. Conversely, hand-sewn stitches, even if irregular, performed by a tailor, ensure that the natural softness and elasticity of the thread intersection that forms the fabric remain intact even after two pieces of fabric have been sewn together.

The quality

We select only fabrics produced in Europe. Warm English tweeds and soft, fine wools woven in Italy. Every season, we work hand in hand with our fabric suppliers to offer new, current color variations and ever higher quality of raw materials that we will transform into your next garment. 

The evening suit

The tuxedo

The men's suit, especially one as elegant as a tuxedo, assumes fundamental importance as it represents not only impeccable style but also a sign of respect for the occasion. Wearing a tuxedo goes beyond just a choice of clothing; it is a statement of elegance and awareness of social conventions. Its refined presence at formal events underscores attention to detail and a desire to stand out in a significant context. The tuxedo, with its classic design and sophisticated aura, becomes a symbol of sophistication, conveying the idea of ​​someone who is attentive to their appearance and respectful of traditions. The use of a tuxedo, therefore, is not just a clothing choice but a declaration of refinement and respect for the special occasion on which it is more