my ART

I started taking the first steps in this type of art with wax crayons, then I fell in love with the oil technique, but having started as self-taught and having my own personal vision of what I wanted to see realized on the canvas, I combined the more traditional than painting techniques with modern subjects and colors.

I enjoyed experimenting with techniques and colors of different nature but in the end I always returned to oil painting which remains the protagonist of my works, even if today I like to mix oil colors with others such as acrylic spray. Exactly the one loved by Street Artists who for years have been considered vandals and who today finally see the credit for having revitalized gray metropolitan areas.

My career as a fashion designer at one point, with the advent of digital printing on fabric, showed me a new way also for the art world, because beyond the banal reproductions of my works that could be attached to the wall, now finally my art could be worn. Thus was born the collection of Scarves, Foulards and Pocket Squares. Faithful reproductions of my paintings, printed with the most advanced digital technique on elegant and precious Italian silks